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Each year, The Guelph Lecture – On Being Canadian will add a new voice to the ongoing conversation of what it means to be Canadian and what role our country could and should play in a changing world.

Many believe we are at an important juncture in human history: global politics, developments in technology, the state of the environment – these factors and many others have brought us to the cusp of critical change. Whether or not we emerge from this time of change in better shape will depend entirely on what we as individuals do and what we demand of our governments, educators and other leaders. Every generation needs new minds, new skills and new leaders.

For over 30 years, the idea has been posited that the world has become too complex for our ability to recognize patterns and develop solutions. The approach of some is to draw us back to more predictable times. Others encourage us to take risks as we forge ahead. In order to decide for ourselves how to live and how to proceed, we need to be engaged, listening to many voices, making up our own minds.

Now in its 14th season, The Guelph Lecture—On Being Canadian continues to broaden the scope and number of voices that promote and foster public dialogue on, and greater understanding of, ideas and issues of concern to Canadians.. The Eramosa Institute, presenting the Guelph Lecture in partnership with Musagetes, and the University of Guelph, offers a new, multi-day event called the ArtsEverywhere Festival. Over three days, the festival offers lectures, conversations, musical performances, literary readings, theatrical performances, and city walks that will consider how we imagine new possibilities for the world beyond the status quo. The 2015 Guelph Lecture—On Being Canadian will serve as the centrepiece of the three-day event as it explores new possibilities that we can imagine as Canadians.The presenters of the Guelph Lecture are very excited to bring together a cast of imaginative thinkers and performers who will engage audience members with an array of ideas not just for Canadians, but for all.

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